Driving Innovation Through Access and Collaboration

We are developing a network of diverse individuals who are prepared to work together to generate generational wealth for their families, address social and criminal justice inequities in order to better society as a whole.

At INLabs, our goal is to provide the training and mentoring that produces dynamic employers and skilled employees who can successfully participate in the thriving cannabis industry in Illinois and beyond.

INLabs is comprised of:

  • Incubator programming
  • Accelerator options for those who qualify
  • Dispensary and craft grow research and product innovation


Community Empowerment

Creating a diverse and inclusive environment where people can access educational training and resources, share ideas, and grow their businesses

Bridging the Equity Gap

Collaborating with minority and social equity owned entrepreneurs to incubate and accelerate their concepts into thriving operations.

Next Generation of Wealth

Providing access to training, capital, human resources and mentorship to enable a more diverse audience of ownership in the cannabis industry.